Tuesday, March 21, 2006

3/21 To Milwaukee

We met up with several family members in one of Quincy's restaurants--the Maid Rite. It's a place that reminds one of home--full of grease and empty calories, and absolute joy. Then we took off for points north. Drove to Jim and Karen's and had dinner with them. Dropped off Rob/Beata's rental car at O'Hare, then they drove home with me. We got here around 11 PM, and they got to open their belated Christmas presents. They seemed to enjoy what I'd gotten them. It was such fun watching them open the presents. A quick email check, updating blogs, and now hope to sleep soon. I have an online meeting in the morning, so Rob and Beata can sleep late. After I work we'll go shopping and then sightseeing. Tomorrow night is ComedySportz practice, and I'm bringing them with me.

It's great to have them in my home. So wonderful!


Russ said...

Hi Jer
It is really good that you are having so much fun.
Keep smiling

Jer said...

Morning, Russ. Thanks. It's wonderful having my family here. At least part of my family... And they're wonderful. Jer

Karen said...

Hi Jer,

Glad you got home safe and sound. Thanks again for last night. It was wonderful to see all of you. Enjoy the next 2 days with them. Hi Russ, hope you are doing well! Karen

Russ said...

Hi Karen
I am doing fine how about you?


Karen said...

Doing great. I got to see my sister in law and my nephew and niece last night so life is good! I have heard some very nice things about you!


Jeff said...

I'm happy for all of you, Jer. :)

Jer said...

Thanks everyone. They leave tomorrow, so am a little sad tonight.

Lisa said...

It's so great that you have them with you Jer, it must be so exciting. I hope it's not too overwhelming for dear Beata!

Wow, what a feeling this must be for you - knowing that you are going to get to see them so much more often now.

Jer said...

Yes, Lisa. It's wonderful. I know I'll see Beata in New York in a few short weeks. Then I hope R&B will be able to make it to Nashville, but we don't know if the timing will be right for that or not.