Thursday, March 02, 2006

3/2 Life song

You can find out the number one song on the day you were born, or if born before 1952 you can find out your "life song," meaning the song that was number one the day you turned 18. Mine is I'm Henry VIII, I Am sung by Herman's Hermits. A very deep song with many hidden meanings, and big words. Yeah, right!

What's yours?

The number 1, chart topping song on your 18th birthday is said to be your life's theme song. Go to the link below and type in the month, day and year that your 18th birthday fell on.
REMEMBER: Enter the date of your 18th birthday NOT the year you were born. Copy. Paste. Repost. Live long. Prosper.


Beata said...

I just got some weird song, weird singer, or a band name, on both American and British list!

Jer said...

Tell me what they are and I'll see if I know them.