Saturday, March 25, 2006

3/25 North Carolina news

Got an email from Rob and a phone call from Beata this morning. Pretty darn good things to wake up to. They were on their way to look at houses this morning with their agent, and of course were very excited about that. Everything seems to be going well for them, except Beata is still concerned about her dog, Bella. Rob said they were going to call their "beloved pet saviors" later today. And Beata promises to get online as soon as possible to answer emails and to update her blog. They do have an internet connection in their temporary quarters, but she's been too busy to sign on yet.

Guess that's all from Media Central today. Except that I'm going out to buy an elliptical for my condo. Anyone want to help me carry it in and set it up? No? Didn't think so.


Beata said...

Mom, thank you for keeping everybody updated with our news. I just got some time this afternoon to send an email and explain what's going on here. We are still at the hotel/temporary housing, and trying to do as much as we can each day. We have been very busy, but tomorrow we are relaxing. It's time to shake off that jet-lag!

Let me know how your new machine works! :-)

Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Between the gym and getting an exercise machine for home... you will be in great shape before you know it! And all that extra energy to keep up with Kayla and Hunter... they will love it! I'm so happy to hear you are exercising so much.. now I just have to keep up with you :-). Love you tons!

Jer said...

How wonderful to see both my "girls" here. I love you Beata, and can't wait until you guys get settled into your own home. And Jill, I also can't wait to get to Los Angeles and take the kids for their special day.

My elliptical won't be delivered until mid-April sometime, so that is not good news. It's a model that is very popular and they keep selling out. But I'm going to be going to the gym--while R&B were here I didn't go, and I miss it.

Right now I'm just being lazy because I'm feeling a little down. It was so awesome being with family for a week. I miss that. Miss the hugs and kisses.

anne frasier said...

wow. team rob/beata really hit the ground running. i'm so impressed and feeling incredibly lazy. good luck with finding a great home!

Jer said...

They called again, and they've found two that they really like. Hope it all continues to go smoothly.

David said...

I would love to help you set up the elliptical, however for your sake I think it should be part of your exercise regime.

You're Welcome,

Jer said...

Thanks, DF. Knowing your strengths, I went ahead and paid for someone else to do it. No need to thank me.