Thursday, March 23, 2006

3/23 A little extra begging

My family is trying to win the $25,000 from Kodak so we can all go on vacation together. If you're interested in helping, please go to the Kodak site and vote once every day. We'd really appreciate it.

(Note: you have to register in order to vote, but it's Kodak, so don't be afraid of them.) :)

After you're there, you'll need to do a search for our picture. Search for this picture:

Thanks bunches. If we win, you can be an honorary member of the Bozarth clan. Disclaimer: Honorary titles do not allow for inheritance (if there were one), or party invitations.

By the way, my kids and I aren't in the picture. None of us were able to make it. Hence, the unnatural whiteness and pastiness of the group.


Cindy said...

if we win, we can even fly Rob and Jill(families) in for the vacation (and everyone else that missed that trip)...that would be a blast. We have some catching up to do, so vote vote vote ...everyday. Beata, sorry to hear you are sick, and wishes for a speedy recovery. My friend Tammy swears by Airborne too, and a new thing, Reliv,if you can find it. It is a product that boost your own nutritional imput and cures all that ails you. Get well...we miss your blog too.

Jer said...

Beata said she can't wait to sit down with her own computer and respond to these wonderful comments and emails. Plus she promises to write in her own blog as soon as she can. She loves you.

Russ said...

I just voted but you are way behind, so more people need to vote.

Jer said...

Thanks for voting, Russ. I'm going to vote once a day from home, and once a day from work. We'll see if that works. :) Jer