Sunday, March 19, 2006

3/19 They're here!

They missed their connection in San Francisco so arrived at 8PM instead of 5PM. The good news about that is that they were able to get their animals out of their crates and take them for a walk at SFO. Worked out well.

It was awesome meeting them. Jim and Karen had made signs for the airport, and in the hotel room had balloons, dog and cat treats, food and drink in the fridge. Karen also had a dozen roses for Beata. Beatka was overwhelmed--that's a word she used a lot last night.

The car they had reserved was a Trail Blazer, not large enough for three people, four animal crates, and luggage. Avis had one Chevy Suburban, so large it should drive in the "trucks only" lane. I told the woman about Rob and she gave it to them for the same price as the smaller one. What a doll, and what great customer service.

Stopped at the Oasis on 294 and let the dogs out again. Got stuff from Starbucks. Beata loved the white hot chocolate.

Then to the hotel, which is indeed pet friendly. How wonderful. The animals were great. Left them there to to Jim and Karen's for a bit. R&B didn't leave until midnight. I got to bed after 1 and up at 7. Jim and I are going over to the hotel around 9:30 and help them load the huge crates into the Suburban. Then off we go to Quincy. Jim and Karen can't go with us, which is too bad. All the sibs will be together except for Jimmy.

It'll be okay though, since he's the youngest, we'll just pretend it's before he was born.

More later. (They're home. Sigh.)


heidichic said...

Jer, please send my welcome home to R&B, especially Beata, welcome to the U.S.!! Hugs to all of you. Call me...

Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Thanks for the update. Talk with you later.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, R&B!


Jeff said...

Great news, Jer. :)

Anonymous said...

Rob and Beata are two of the neatest people we have ever met! Hope to continue a lifelong friendship with them! Great to hear they are in the states and everyone is so happy! A friend from OKI-Now in Louisiana--Kellie Sheward

Anonymous said...

So glad you finally have them home with y'all, Jer. Bet your smile hangs around even after you go to sleep at night.


Jer said...

Thanks all. I'll try to quickly update my blog since I'm at one sister's house who has a fast connection.