Saturday, March 04, 2006

3/4 More on R and B

Rob called this morning. He talked to his Uncle Pete, and Pete and Jane will take the cats. They already have a dog and a cat, but will try this. Their daughter Sarah is so crazy about animals, so if anyone can make it work, it's them.

So Rob is a lot less stressed now. And I'm so pleased that our family is this awesome! Rob will pick up the tickets on Monday, so we'll find out for sure what time they'll arrive. He said it'll be on the 18th. But we determined that my small SUV won't hold the four animal crates and luggage, so we came up with an alternate plan. I'm going to take the train to Chicago and the El from downtown to the airport.

They'll rent a big SUV there and we'll drive to Quincy for a few days. Then we'll come up to Milwaukee (stopping by Aurora to visit with Jim and Karen). Finally, they'll go back to Chicago to fly to NC. It'll be a whirlwind, but I know I'll see them for a longer period of time during the summer.

Two weeks from today!


Beata said...

We are so thankful to you guys for taking care of our babies. It really means a lot to us! It's so stressful already with the pets, tickets, hotels and all other stuff. We are HOPING to be able to fly to Chicago and meet Mom there!!! Wow! That will be awesome! :-) And I will finally meet the rest of the wonderful family!

Cindy said...

I can NOT believe this is finally going to happen....and what an awsome birthday present for Eric....maybe we shouldn't tell him Rob and Beata will be the honored guests at his birthday party, but I know he will be more happy than anyone...though he is going to be put out that we didn't get dibs on a kitty or two...though I am afraid Kirby might not have been as hospitable.


Jer said...

Cindy, you can always walk across the street to the Golden Retriever Palace at Kris's. It's going to be something with Max and Bobby together. I know they'll have a ball.

I can't wait either.