Thursday, August 10, 2006

8/10 A good day

Got lots of work done and the day just flew by.

After work brought some Sketch Festival flyers down to JuJu (my friend Nichole's new boutique in the third ward). Then met MJ and Marcy at Bucketworks, and gave them a present. I got one for each member of BroadMinded, and can't wait to give one to the other members when I see them.

We don't perform until Saturday in the festival. But MJ and I are going tomorrow night as well to be at BroadMinded's table and hand out flyers. Then we'll get to watch all the other sketch groups perform. Should be tons of fun.

I'm so excited about Saturday. Need to keep going over the sketches so my lines are absolutely cemented. I think we're going to be pretty darn good. We'll see.

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