Friday, August 11, 2006

8/11 Lots going on

Both at work and at play, I've been very busy.

Tryng to get lots of things done so I can leave at 5 and go to Bucketworks. Even though BroadMinded doesn't perform tonight, MJ and I are going to help out. Should be fun.

And I may be going to Portland in about 10 days to work with a TV documentary crew from Japan. It would only be a one day trip, but will definitely be interesting.

Well, back to work so I can leave on time (or even a little early--gasp!).


Jeff said...

You have SO much energy, Jer. I admire you! :)

Jer said...

Thanks, Jeff. I don't feel too energetic right now. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

If you're coming to Portland, please come visit!!!!! -- Gretchen

Jer said...

Ommigod, Gretchen. I didn't even think about it. This came up so suddenly. I'll find out tomorrow for sure if this is happening. If it does, I'll be stayin over on Sunday night. Too bad I won't be there Saturday to see Portland CSz! I'd love that!