Sunday, August 13, 2006

8/13 Hooray!

Yesterday went even better than I'd hoped. BroadMinded performed well (if I must say so myself), and we received so many compliments. People couldn't believe it was our first time performing. We received compliments on our acting, writing, and humor.

The only bad thing is that we ran really long, and had to cut our last sketch--Slumber Party. But that's okay. We can do it at ComedySportz in October. It's pretty cool, I think, and it's one that Megan wrote.

Everyone was really good, and I think our writing ranked up there with the best. It was tight without a lot of extra dialogue that just weighs down the sketch. That is a great feeling because I wrote some of the sketches.

There was so much talent there--each group brought a unique quality. It's amazing that sketch groups can be so different. Some were more serious, some avant garde, others cute, but my favorite as always was Gentlemen's Hour. It's composed of friends from CSz and our improv classes at Bucketworks. They are pure genius.

Now it's time to get busy and write new sketches. I have one written already, but will work on more. This is FUN!

Congrats to Matt Kemple, the theatre director of Bucketworks for his organizing and coordinating the first Milwaukee Sketch and Improv Festival. It was a blast, and a success from start to finish.


Karen Boz said...

So glad to hear that it went so well! It must be very gratifying, especially since you wrote some of the sketches! Congrats.

Jer said...

Thanks, Karen. I'm still floating. We're performing again October 13, so we'll start working on that performance next week.