Thursday, August 03, 2006

8/3 A long long day

Up at six, walked the three blocks in St. Louis humidity, and was working by 7 AM. Interviewed people and worked with the professional photographer all day.

At 6 it was "Taste of St. Louis." The pro photographer was gone by then so it was up to me to take photos again. But I didn't let it stop my eating. Omigod, the food. I can't do it justice in description, but there were many wine stations where all the wineries from St. Louis had freebies for us. And lots of people bought bottles, so it was a good move on the vineyards' part. The food was superb. Many stations with many specialties. So good. Yum! and the dessert station was the best of the lot. I ate myself sick with tiramisu. If they'd had bread pudding I would have known I was in heaven.

In bed at 10 and the snoring began immediately.

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