Wednesday, August 02, 2006

8/2 My birthday

Last night at Open Improv Kish made a chocolate birthday cake for me. She is such a sweetie. And the cake was awesome. Afterward a bunch of us went to the New Yorker for karaoke. It was fun, but I got home late and only got four hours sleep.

It was really hard to get up at 5 AM to get ready for a six hour drive to St. Louis. The hardest part was that they just coated our driveway and I had to park a half block away. Dragging my luggage wasn't the hardest part. I also was bringing my PC to give to my sister Jan. Damn, that was not an easy start to my birthday.

The drive to St. Louis was pleasant, albeit a bit boring. But I sang all the way. I did get calls from Jill and the kids (the kids sang Happy Birthday to Grandma), and also got calls from Rob, Beata, Jan, and Jane, so that made the trip even better.

I went to BHR (my old company) to have lunch with my great friend Lesley. Turned out she thought I was arriving tomorrow and was already at lunch. Luckily it was with her daughter Sara and friend Rubym and I knew them both, so I joined them and had a lovely lunch.

BHR's new location is unbelievably beautiful. I really enjoyed the tour and seeing lots of folks I knew from when I worked there.

Arrived at the hotel about 3:30. Delivered materials from work to Adam's Mark and then went to my hotel, the Millenium, about three blocks away. Checked in, parked about a block away in a garage connected to the hotel by a tunnel.

Conducted my first interview at 5, and at 6 we had the welcoming reception. It was neat because I saw so many people I've known for years. I didn't get to visit much with anyone though because I had to take the photos during the reception. That was fun too in its own way.

We had a staff meeting at 9, then I walked to my hotel and was in bed by 9:45--dead to the world.

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