Wednesday, August 23, 2006

8/23 Why I went to Portland

I can't remember who I told, so will just put a few details here.

Asahi TV is one of the major networks in Japan. They're doing a documentary on behavior issues in schools. Although Japan is far behind the US in the amount of violence in schools, they're starting to catch up.

The director had interviewed the president of the Japanese branch of our company and wanted to film part of one of our workshops. We couldn't arrange one in Japan as quickly as they needed so two people from their LA office filmed part of a Portland, Oregon program. Since I do our media work (besides publishing, etc.) I went to Portland to assist while they filmed. Another colleague went with me, and he was interviewed.

It was quite interesting, and the reporter and cameraman were both nice. Even more important, they were very impressed with what we do. It's going to be a major advert for us to be in this documentary.

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