Friday, August 18, 2006

8/18 On again, off again, on again

I'm going to Portland, OR on Sunday and will return on the red eye on Monday, arriving back in Milwaukee at 9 AM on Tuesday. Oh my, my bod is tired already.

The reason I'm going is a good one--business-wise and fun-wise. But there's no way I can work much on Tuesday, I'll have to sleep.

It's a long flight, and I have a middle seat because we made the arrangements late. I'm confident I can get it changed at the airport. To do so I'm going to arrive at the Milwaukee airport at 4 AM, for a 6 AM departure. It'll be worth it, just to get an aisle seat.

I'll miss the CSz picnic on Sunday and BroadMinded rehearsal on Monday night, but work does come first.

Oh yeah, there are moments when I'm responsible and act my age. Just because you haven't witnessed it before doesn't mean it never happens.


cindy said...

You always seem to be on the go! Not a life for me for sure. Travel safe and catch all the rest you can (resting is the life for me)

Jer said...

At the moment, I tend to agree with you. Hope I can sleep on the plane(s).

keet said...

i love it!
you rock jer.
Its always comforting to know that other peoples lives are fairly ridiculous as well.

Jer said...

Keet, I think you and I could tie for ridiculousness. It's all in how you look at thigs. And we both have a weird view of the world. :) Jer