Tuesday, January 17, 2006

1/17 Some fun in Chicago

Last night a friend (Mary Jo) and I went to Chicago. Another friend (Stacy) was performing at Second City. Really good performances. Most were sketch comedy rather than improvisation, but quite enjoyable.

I thought I'd never been there, but this morning remembered that MANY years ago I went to a main stage show and Richard Kind was in the troupe. I remember because who could forget that face, and then when I saw him on tons of TV shows I recognized him. (Okay, let's hope that's my aside for this entry. We'll see. I usually have tons of them.)

The trip there and back was fun too. I enjoyed getting to know Mary Jo better. She's fun, and has a lot of training. Is involved in the Second City training, ComedySportz, and Shakespeare.

But I didn't make it home until 12:30 and I am TIRED! Luckily I have tons of work to do, as usual, so I should be able to stay awake until American Idol comes on tonight. Yeah, me and my reality shows. What a combination!


rob said...

It sounds like you had a great time, mom. We're glad you had such a nice trip to CA. Your posts are just wonderful--really paints a picture for us. We can't wait to see them either. Did you ever get your suitcase? Love you!

Jer said...

Hi sweetie. Yep, I talked about it in a comment somewhere. It arrived later that night, so I'm feeling good about suitcases in general. :) Mom