Tuesday, January 31, 2006

1/31 Family

Here's one great thing about family. My sister, Jane, in Quincy IL called my daughter, Jill, in Los Angeles and said, "Tell me if you'd wear this color." And on and on. Turns out that Casual Corner in the mall back home closed. And Jane was passing by the store and just happened to notice that they were having a half-hour sale. Everything, EVERYTHING, was $2.50 each. She bought $400 worth of clothes for my daughter and spent less than $20. Amazing.

Everything was size 2.

Let's not go there.


rob said...

Aunt Jane is awesome!!! What an absolutely rockin' thing to do. Jill, you're a lucky little size 2.

If anybody sees some buttless chaps, let me know. I'm looking...

size 8

Jer said...

Rob, sometimes I'm just plain proud to be your mother.

This is not one of those times.

(Gosh, I crack myself up.)

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