Wednesday, January 04, 2006

1/4 Beata

Got Beata involved in my online writers' group, and she's having fun there. It will be great when she meets them in Nashville. Hope Rob can arrange to be there too. Here's Beatka's latest haircut. She's so lovely.


Cindy said...

I do SO love a girl that changes hairstyles constantly...LOVE this one! I can't wait to actually meet our 'new niece' of almost 3 year!

Beata said...

Hello Aunt Cindy!!!
I just can't WAIT any longer for the day that we will finally meet! And it's been 4 years already! Can you believe it??? Time just go so fast... I am so lucky to make Mom's Blog already twice! Thank you Mom, I love you so much!!!!

Jer said...

And Cindy, now that Beata has her own blog, you'll be able to see many more pictures.

Beatka, I LOVE the one of you and Rob. Made me tear up a bit. I miss you guys. Love you.