Monday, January 02, 2006

1/2 Pretty darn productive!

Am in the midst of wrapping presents for my late Christmas in LA. It's less than two weeks away. The number of gifts is quite a surprise! Didn't realize I'd bought so much, but Kayla and Hunter will be happy. They already love their Grandma. This will just cement things a bit. I buy all year long when I find sales, so when I begin wrapping it's fun once again to see what I've bought.

I spoke to Rob and Beata last night. It was evening here and morning there. While talking I had an absolute brilliant idea, and they agreed. I invited them to join me in Nashville for a writers' reunion I'm attending in April. By then they'll be living in North Carolina instead of Japan, so it will be a fairly short jaunt. I've got a reservation at an Embassy Suites, so there will be plenty of room for them. They're excited about coming and meeting my writer pals, and since both of them are writers themselves, it will be a grand networking opportunity for them.

Yes, I'm pleased with myself today.


Bron said...

I read that as 'I played with myself today'


Hey they can go to the new North Carolina CSz :D

Jer said...

You Brits!