Tuesday, January 03, 2006

1/3 Work work work work work

So much to do today, and I'm getting quite a few things done. Some major things to accomplish today:

1. Publish an online newsletter.
2. Copyedit a hardcopy newsletter, due to the graphic artist tomorrow.
3. Prepare for a trip to Rochester NY by reading copious pieces of paper. Luckily, it will be fairly interesting stuff.
4. And, personally, I need to stay on top of my comedy routine. Still don't know when our performance is at Giggles Comedy Club, but it could happen fairly quickly.
5. A friend gave me the manuscript for his non-fiction book. Haven't been able to start it yet, but will read it with an eye for editing.

Guess that's it for today. Also, guess I better stop doing this and get back to work.


Jeff said...

jer- Good luck with the list of things you have to do. I got tired just reading it! LOL :)

Jer said...

Hi, Jeff. Last time you posted I thought you were my brother Jeff, so I responded by calling you Jeffy. :) Hope you weren't offended. Jer

Jeff said...

Not offended in the least. :)