Wednesday, January 18, 2006

1/18 We're having some fun now

Received the schedule for this season's Rec League at ComedySportz. My team (Brainstorm) is looking good this year with the addition of Mary Jo as a fourth. Our first match is 1/29.

1/29--4 PM vs. Sailboats (the champs from last season)
2/5--3 PM vs. Four Hoarsemen
2/12--6 PM vs. We
2/26--7 PM vs. County Clare Clowns
3/5--7 PM vs. Room for Improv-ment
3/19--6 PM vs. Kuribo's Shoe
4/2--6 PM vs. Slims Pickens

And February 7 at 7 PM I'm appearing (with other newbie comics) at Giggles Comedy Club in Mequon WI. This will be my second time there, and I'm psyched.

Hell, I'm laughing already. Hope you can make one of the shows.


Beata said...

Mom, I hope we can make it there at least to see the last match! I can't wait to see you performing! I will cross my fingers for your team. :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope so too. Watch out for the squirrels.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Unfortunately the last match is the only one I can't make. I'll be in Manhattan. (Great place to be if you have to skip Rec League.)