Thursday, February 14, 2008

2/14 On TV again

I was interviewed today by WLOX-TV during the conference. A small part of the interview was on the news tonight. It should be on their website tomorrow, and I'll post the url.

The conference is good, and I'm learning. But it's really hard for me not to feel incredibly sad. The need is still there--all over the place--but the money isn't. What are these people going to do when many not-for-profits close? It's rough and it's going to be rougher.

Tonight at dinner I was asked to give the blessing, so I sat at the head table next to my young friend, Jay. After the meal I thanked him for being my Valentine's date.

Tomorrow the conference ends in the early afternoon, then Caroline, Genia, and I are off for Florida. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

You can help people any place that you live and your home town needs you!
Have fun in Florida with your friends.

Anonymous said...

I am not anonymous I just play one on TV. - Andrea

Cindy said...

I agree with Andrea. There is always NEED everywhere, though total devestation is hard to ignore. It sure would be nice if everyone that ever needed help could get it. WE can keep them in our prayers and you can come home and help the poor and in need here.

Have fun on your trip. You need to take Joe's MAJOR advice for the weekend....LET IT GO

Jer said...

Am having a ball. Will update later. Thanks you guys.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for going with me for a wonderful weekend!!!

Jer said...

No, thank YOU, Caroline. It was such fun.