Friday, February 22, 2008

2/22 75 degrees and storming

It's a waste of a perfectly fine day. Seventy-five degrees--that's my perfect temperature. But it's storming. Tomorrow and Sunday will be either sunny or partly sunny, but only 65 degrees. I shouldn't complain since my family is still in the throes of winter.

Because of the rain the last several days Quincy has gotten lots of baths. She loves the baths as much as she loves rolling in the mud. Cookie isn't a bath fan, but will jump in the tub just because I tell her to. She's a good girl, but still kind of skittish about things. Luckily she loves people as much as Quincy does, so I never have to worry about that. Plus she's a great "early warning system" when people are coming to the door.

So much to do to get ready for the move, but that will make the time fly. Of course, I don't want it to fly too much because there's not much time yet. I sure hope I'm able to get everything done. I'd given notice that my last day of work would be 3/21, but found out that's Good Friday, so it's holiday here since we're a faith-based organization. So that will give me an extra day to get home. I can leave early that Friday morning and arrive in Quincy 12-15 hours later. Both dogs are good travelers, but Cookie hasn't traveled more than an hour or so at one time. I've got my fingers crossed. I've asked either Caroline or Genia if they want to drive with me, to help with the pups. That way they can meet "the family" up close.

We're having a case management summit at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino next Friday. I'm going to do a small part of the presentation, and I'm stoked about it. Should be a good conference.

Quincy's graduation from dog training is next Thursday. Unfortunately she and I can't be there. I'm going to be spending the night at the Hard Rock Casino with Caroline and Genia, because C got a $59 rate. It's the night before the conference. I'm having a private training for an hour for Cookie. She's a well behaved dog except on the leash. She pulls more than any dog I've ever had. It's almost like a compulsion to be somewhere. Poor thing. She pulls so hard that her belly almost touches the ground. It's hard on me too, so I'm hoping Erika (the trainer) can do some magic.


Cindy said...

have you ever tried those 'gentle leads' like Kris uses on Max? She'd never be able to walk him without it. Nor would I. Max is STRONG.

Jer said...

I've never tried them. But if Cookie's private training doesn't work, then I will. It's so funny--this normally well-behaved dog is an absolute monster truck in a pulling contest.

Cindy said...

Paulette's Maggie is like that, but I think it is in the breeding of a Husky to pull against any harness. It is funny to watch Maggie walk Paulette and it is a wonder Paulette hasn't fallen and broken a hip yet! Otherwise, Maggie is a sweetheart, and so beautiful.

Jer said...

I had to go to the doc once because of Cookie. She's only 50 pounds but injured my shoulder. And it wasn't fun. But now I can get her to sit when she starts pulling--which is all the time. It's not a walk, but it does stop the pulling. :) My goal is to be able to walk my dogs together.