Saturday, February 23, 2008

2/23 Trying to clean

It's not easy with two "helpers." Now they're outside in the mud, and I'll have to clean them off. But they sure amuse me.

I put a baby gate in the hallway so that when I get the living room cleaned it will stay clean for a few days, but little Cookie jumps over it as easily as if she were walking. I had tried using two kitchen chairs. They worked for Q but Cookie crawled through the legs. So after the baby gate didn't work I put kitchen chairs in front of it. Cookie still jumped it. She's something. I'm afraid I'll have to put a six foot privacy fence around Kris's yard because Cookie will be able to jump over the small fence on the west side. Oh well, that's what you get with big dogs.

They're both worth it. (Since I wrote that I've given Q her first bath of the day. Can't wait until the grass grows back. Here it not only dies in the winter, it disappears. Now it's starting to show again because it's been so warm. But there's still more mud than grass.)

Tonight Genia and I are going to see Definitely, Maybe. I love Ryan Reynolds, and Abigail Breslin too. Caroline is in New Orleans with her Mom for the weekend, so Genia and I will have to eat popcorn alone.


That Baby said...

So when you move to Quincy, will Quincy go nuts when you watch the news? "Quincy (yes?) police...Quincy (what?) Mayor So-and-So...Quincy (WHAT, ALREADY?) business of the year...."

Lynt (I know, it will come up as That Baby. I'm so confused)

Rob said...

I can only imagine how hard it must be to clean the house with those two around. Good luck, mom.

We hope all is coming along well. Love you!

Jer said...

Omigod, Lynt, I never thought of that. Hilarious. Poor Quincy will be even crazier than usual. (Poor Quincy? Poor me!!!)

Jer said...

Rob, you must have said that tongue in cheek since you have three dogs and two cats. :) But yes, it is hard...especially with them dragging in mud every time they go out. I'm trying to put some water in the wading pool, but it just becomes mud filled.