Thursday, February 21, 2008

2/21 Time? Anyone have time?

I can't believe all the stuff I have to do prior to leaving here on March 21. Oh, my.

Today I found out that CitMortgage doesn't do bridge loans, so I'm in process of getting a pre-approval letter, so when the time comes, it won't take long at all to get the mortgage. In the meantime, if my home doesn't sell before I leave, Kris will rent to me until my house sells.

Even though the market is rotten elsewhere, it's still pretty good here, because of the storm. So I'm pretty confident that it will sell within a reasonable period of time.

It's raining horribly here, and I have to take Q to dog training class tonight. But it's supposed to be beautiful over the weekend--70 and sunny. Yay.


Cindy said... is happenig fast isn't it? I didn't realize Kris was so ANXIOUS to move out (you might want to ask yourself why?)...hey, I think i might be offended.

If you need help in selling a house don't forget our friend St Joseph. Good Luck

70 and sunny for the week of March 9-14th right?

Anonymous said...


This stinks!!!! You get all the sun in the Gulf and then you move here and get to start over in our midwest spring/summer. You should be penalized a cold, snowy, blah winter.

Steve "the weather enforcer"

Jan said...

Better get busy packing early. We'll be there before you know it and I'm sure you won't want to stay home and pack then.
See you soon.

Jer said...

Steve, I'm actually looking forward to snow next winter. It will be fun to see my dogs' reactions.

Jer said...

Cindy and Jan, I'm so excited about your visit. You may have to maneuver around boxes, but we'll be out most of the time anyway.