Sunday, February 24, 2008

2/24 More cleaning

Last night Genia and I had fun at the movie. Definitely, Maybe is definitely, not maybe, worth seeing if you like romantic comedies. We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Today is cleaning again. Am tackling the kitchen floor and my bedroom and bathroom. The three most "doggy" rooms in the house. Right now I'm in the office typing this, and they are lying at my feet. Sweet, sweet dogs. But that will change once I get up again. They'll follow me around and want to "help" in their unique doggy way.

Yesterday I realized what a time crunch I'm under. Two weeks from today my company arrives (YAY!!!!!). And they leave the following Thursday (13th). The next Thursday, the 20th, is my last day at work. Yikes. I just have three and a half weeks until I leave. Sure hope I can get everything done.

I have five people coming by tomorrow. Paula, my real estate agent; a painter for an estimate; floor covering estimate; moving estimate; and a guy to fix my elliptical trainer. It's going to be busy. Plus I need to actually work in the midst of it. And the dogs can't be at doggy day care because they are closed on Mondays, except for boarding.

Yikes. I'm stressed--but this kind of stress is great compared to the stress of not having a job to go home to. :) And I really can't wait until my family comes to visit.


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Good luck with the cleaning and enjoy the family visit. You will be in Quincy before you know it.

Cindy said...

I'm just hoping you get a quick sell on your home. It is really cute from the outside, so hopefully someone will see that and move on it really fast. Good luck with the realtor and assorted others this week. Eric and I are really excited about seeing the area. Won't be long now.

Jer said...

Thanks both of you. And, Cindy, it's cute on the inside too, except for the torn up linoleum and the muddy carpets. :) That will be taken care of with ceramic tile and new carpet. It'll be lovely again.