Monday, February 04, 2008

2/4 Work is good for the soul, and the psyche

I feel much better today. Working is a great medicine.

Pampered Pets is closed today so the pups were home this morning, but this afternoon I brought Quincy with me to the office. She's a lot more antsy than Cookie was. Drove by the vet's to get some meds and weighed Quincy. She's only gained 2 pounds since Rob was here at the end of November--she's 78 1/2. I sure thought she'd be more than 80 by now. But what was funny is that she's 20 pounds heavier since the last time I brought her to the vet's.

Just gave her an almost empty jar of peanut butter. That should keep her busy for a little while.

Tomorrow is the last day of Mardi Gras. Am going with friends to the Biloxi parade. We're having a picnic so I get to use a really cool little cheese board set that I got from Jim and Karen at Christmas. I'm taking cheese, crackers, and beer. Genia's taking wine, chicken salad and something else. Others will fill in the blanks with chips, bread, and other items. Should be a fun day. I just hope Doggy Day Care is open so I don't have to worry about going home to let the dogs out. Everything is closed here on Fat Tuesday.

Not this weekend but the following one, I'm going on a road trip to Florida with Genia and Caroline. I absolutely can't wait--a totally relaxing weekend with no responsibilities except to have fun and relax. Yay.


Dave said...

Stop feeling better! You had until Wednesday to wallow.

Kelly said...

If you drive through Pensacola, yell hello to Dianna for me!! Sounds like a fun weekend to look forward to.

Jer said...

Don't worry, DF. I'll do some wallowing tonight. It's my last chance.

Jer said...

Sure will, Kell.