Friday, February 08, 2008

2/8 Another miracle

I was gone for five hours tonight and I'd left Cookie out of the crate again. Once more the dogs were perfect. I'm so grateful. Guess they behave better when I'm not here. Kind of like when my kids were little.

Played cards with Genia, Caroline, Lorena, and Rosemary at Genia's house. We certainly laughed a lot, which is exactly what I needed.

One of the funny things (and you probably had to be there to appreciate it): Genia is ALWAYS saying completely random things. While playing cards she looked at one of the cards on the table (it was a jack) and said, "I've never known a guy named Jack, and I think I need to meet one." She then issued a challenge, but started by saying, "Don't say no; it's a waste of time. You know I'll eventually convince you to do it."

So here are her rules:

1. This has to happen after dark.
2. Most of us have to be there.
3. We have to be drinking.
4. We must go up to a guy and ask, "What's your name?"
5. If he says his name is Jack we must immediately say, "Want to buy me a drink?"
6. Only then can we explain the contest.
7. First one to find a Jack and ask for a drink wins.

What does she win? Oh, there's no prize.

Yeah, that's our Genia.


Genia said...

Life is too short to not have "randomness" (is that a word?) It's a delight to have friends that are willing to put up with random thoughts/ideas etc.
It's amazing to have such joy in my life with my friends and where I live.
Your challenge now is to come up with a "random contest" for yourselves and your friends.

Jer said...

Cool. You finally posted. Made me smile.