Friday, December 01, 2006

12/1 Lunch with friends

Tom and Catherine (Rob and Beata's neighbors) invited us out to lunch today, along with Linda, Tom's sister. We went to Renaud's in Sanford. It was a delightful restaurant with tons of different sandwich offerings. Mine was a grilled sandwich with pimento cheese spread on pumpernickel and rye swirl bread. Delicious. Rob had a bologna, cheese, and tomato sandwich that was also grilled. He loved it. But the best was when Beata said, "I love my crap soup. It's so full of crap."

Okay, it was crab bisque, but sure sounded like crap when she said it. We all laughed at it. Then people ordered dessert. I wasn't going to have anything but Beatka ordered Bread Pudding for me because she wanted to try it. In fact she tried everyone's dessert but Tom's--and only because he wisely kept it out of her sight.

Now she's going to decorate the tree. It's a beautiful tree that Rob got last night. But I've never been in a home where tree decorating was a solitary endeavor. It's always been a family thing--when there's family there. So I'm going to stay in my room and sulk, I think.

(All her life Bea has been the only one available to decorate the tree, so now that's a habit. And it would be a hard one to break. I do understand it. It's just difficult for me. And I can't see me watching someone else decorate a tree. So I'll just stay in my room and catch up on either sleep or recorded TV shows...or maybe both.)

Lunch was a wonderful treat for all of us. Next time we'll take them out! And tonight we're going to Fayetteville to watch Tina perform in A Christmas Carol. Should be fun.


Beata said...

Tom and Kathryn know all the good places in Sanford, as they go out for lunch almost everyday. And the place we went to today, was my most favorite!
I thought, Mom, that earlier today you said that Rob and I will decorate the tree while you doing something else... can't exactly remember. Since Rob never decorated a tree with me before, I know it's my job. Plus, yes, I do like to do it by myself, part of it being a habit. I didn't have nine siblings, nor loving parents (or parents at all in that case), to make it a family tradition. It was always me who did the job, and it was my kind of a get away too. I am sorry that you are "sulking" in your room, but you never even mentioned that you DO WANT to decorate this tree with me. So I assumed from the moment we got the tree that I will do it by myself. Plus, just a minute ago you announced that you are not going to sit around the living room, but will be drink your coffee in your room. So that means that now I am supposed to be "sulking" with my cup of coffee, that I thought we would have together, in the living room putting the tree together??? If you still want to do it together, then come out. This is a free country, right? Love, me.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Damn language barrier. :) I'm glad we were able to straighten this out...

I thought I said I wanted to decorate it with you.

You thought I said I had something else to do.

Now it's over. And we're working together. I'm happy that neither of us holds grudges, and that we're both able to say I'm sorry.

Glad you liked your crap soup. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

you two DO live in the same house, right?

Anonymous said...

It's natural when people live together under the same roof, there are going to be some misunderstandings. Beata, it was all Jer's fault:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the beginning of a COLD WAR. I hope you 2 communicate in person and not just on this blog.
Oh and by the way Cindy have you seen my socks?

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

You guys crack me up! (Andrea, especially you. Okay, Joe, you got me with the socks line too.)

Yes, we settled everything in person. We met in the living room, faced each other, and typed comments in email.

Beata said...

Hey guys, we are so high-tech, super wired, and all well equipped, that it would be STUPID to just have a conversation in person! This way it is more interesting and you get to know what's going on in our lives, if anybody had ever wondered... Rob and I met on line, we communicate online, do everything imaginable online... hmmm... maybe that's why we don't have any children???? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm confused... who decorated the tree? Who sulked?

Jer, I'm waving in your direction. I'm only about 20 miles away.


Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

I didn't really sulk. Just went into my room and watched TV. Sulk was just a nice word to use.

Can't wait to see you, Nancie.