Monday, December 25, 2006

12/25 A wet Christmas

It's raining buckets and buckets here in mid NC. That's the closest thing to snow that Beata will get.

Last night was so much fun. R and B gave me a gorgeous pink scarf and hat that I'll wear in Quincy. It's so soft! I'm wearing my new pink house slippers with a pink ribbon insignia on the side, a symbol of the fight against breast cancer. That also adorns some new socks and a coffee mug. So sweet and thoughtful. Beautiful necklace and earrings (that I'll wear today), plus another set of earrings in my stocking. I received some purple house socks and some athletic socks (no cotton) for my Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Rob gave me a poncho liner. I'm so very grateful because the one I have is very old and the loft is gone. I'm keeping the old one to take when I'm deployed--lightweight and dries so fast. The new one is different insofar as the camouflage pattern is digital. So cool. Then Rob printed some great photos and put them in a triple frame for me. I love the pictures and the frame. My fav pic is one of me on the couch with two or three dogs on me.

Then of course the gifts I received earlier--a holiday coffee mug, necklace and earrings (from St. Nicolai), and of course this portable computer desk. I am so very very grateful. Rob and Beata not only gave me tons of presents (and more in my stocking), they also have made me feel so very welcomed--almost as if they'll be sad when I move to Quincy.

Last night's dinner (Wigilia) was a superb as I knew it would be. All day long these delicious smells wafted through the house...and when we finally ate, it was worth the wait. Beata will have to talk about the dishes...I just know they were scrumptious.

Right before the meal they have a symbolic communion--I forgot the Polish name for it. But you share pieces of a wafer, similar to a communion wafer. You tell people around you what they mean to you and what you wish for them in the future. It was beautiful.

We called Quincy and talked a bunch of the family, and also called Jill's house and spoke to them. We'll call them again today to find out what Santa Claus brought to Kayla and Hunter. Last night Kayla said she was happy and exhausted. :)

Love to all. More later. We're preparing for company for dinner at 2. I made Grandma's Holiday Salad and a sweet potato casserole.

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Beata said...

Our Christmas Eve and the next day were wonderful! We got so many presents that there was wrapping paper all over! But we all loved what Santa brought us. :-) Christmas was special this time, not only because it was our first in the US, but also because Mom was here. :-)