Monday, December 11, 2006

12/11 The laziest day ever

I could get used to this. Worked on my computer and also caught up on everything I'd recorded while in DC. Lazy.

I did do a little work--researched some classes I have to take for the Red Cross, and looked around for other job possibilities for when I'm not deployed. But Rob was at work all day and Beata left for several hours to run errands, so somebody had to hold Chilli. I swear that dog is the most spoiled animal I've ever met. But he's a cutie.

I have taught him one thing. I won't pet any of the dogs unless they sit. The two big ones (Bobby and Bella) don't need to be reminded. They come up to me and sit, and they know they'll get an enthusiastic head scratch and lots of "good doggy." The dachsund isn't quite there yet. He gets really excited and his bottom wags with his tail. But he finally gets the message and will sit. As soon as I start scratching he starts dancing again.

He's learning though.

I cooked dinner. One of my specialities--grilled cheese and cream of tomato soup. Beata is so impressed with the way Rob makes grilled cheese. I don't think I lived up to his cooking, but they both said they enjoyed it. I'm a real gourmet cook.

And tomorrow--I'm working all day.

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