Sunday, December 24, 2006

12/24 No cussing on Christmas Eve

That was our plan. Beata said in Poland everyone is nice on Christmas Eve. It's called something special in Polish, but I can't write it. So we decided not to cuss all day. Rob lasted until a little before noon, but that's because he got up at 11. Beata cursed three times in five minutes, but she was cooking all day long, so we understood. I made it until 12:15 and lost it when Rob beat me playing Racko.

I did win at the "no cussing" game, and even though we all messed up we still tried for the rest of the day. I just heard Rob cussing in the office with the door closed, and he yelled, "Sorry." I think I like this idea.

We're just about to eat the glorious meal that Beata made with such love. Rob and I helped with the pirogi, but that's it. She did everything else herself.

We'll eat very soon; then we'll open some presents and play games or something. Tomorrow Tom, Kathryn, and Judy will come over at 2 for dinner. So in the morning we'll have a special breakfast and open a few more presents and our stockings. Should be wonderful.

But I do miss those of you in Quincy who are gathering now for dinner. God bless us every one.


Anonymous said...

The Wigilia?
In the US it is called being a Bozzarf.
Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia!

Anonymous said...

you sound so happy to be with Rob and Beata. I know you miss being home but how wonderful to be with your son. Hope you have a great day. Not missing much here, Sarah has been sick and now Pete isn't feeling well, not sure if he will make it to Christmas dinner, See you soon

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Joe and Jane, thanks so much for commenting today. I miss you all so much, but know that I will be there for New Year's. And to kick Joe's behind in poker. (Yeah, we're still doing the no cussing thing. Rob and I haven't slipped yet, but Beata has about a gazillion times.)