Sunday, December 31, 2006

12/31 I'm a clumsy dork

Yesterday I stepped into a hole in the parking lot at the mall and down I went. Landed on my left kneecap. Yowwwww! It swelled up right away. I kept ice on it all night and took some pain pills, so it wasn't as painful as it could have been. Today it's a bit better.

A bunch of us went to Friday's last night and in the process I lost a movie we'd rented from Blockbuster. Don't ask me how, but I guess it falls into my dorky clumsiness. We went to Blockbuster today and tried to pay for it. But someone had picked it up in Friday's parking lot and returned it to Blockbuster for us. Hooray for Quincy. Love it.

Tomorrow is our big game day. We'll start with a visit to the cemetary where we'll have a beer with Mom and Dad. Then we'll return to our old home and play games the rest of the day (after eating copious amounts of food). My game tomorrow will be poker...Rob advises me to play tight. We'll see how it goes. He and Beata are playing poker with Tom and Janae tonight. They're the ones who own the pregnant yellow lab. Yay again.

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