Friday, December 29, 2006

12/29 More from Quincy

Jane's family and Kris went to Gem City Pizza and Mexican last night. It's one of those places everyone returns to when they visit their home town. Yum. Besides fantastic cheese pizza, I had three margaritas. Yeah, me. Went to bed at 9 (would have been 10 in NC, doesn't make it sound so early), and woke up at 7:30 AM, so I sure can't say I didn't have enough sleep.

Today I'm going shopping for a new suit for the interview. Yes, I didn't expect I'd need dressy business clothes, so they are packed up with my "stuff" in Milwaukee. I also need to buy a few more Christmas presents. I'd left my list here in Quincy, in the box with presents. That's what happens when my Christmas gifts and moving happen at the same time. I did well though and just have three more things to get. Unfortunately one of them is for someone in this house, so we couldn't open presents here last night. :)

My allergies are bothering me this morning. Don't know why it only happens at certain places--Jane's and Kris's, but not at Jan's or Rob/Beata's. All have pets. But there's something here that's killing me. I'll need to leave soon so I can start breathing. :) Okay, it's not that bad. And I do love both the pets here. Sunshine is a calico cat that is so wonderful, well-behaved, and cool--in other words she thinks she's a dog. Those kind of cats are my favorite. Baily is the dog and she's a chow-rotweiler mix and is a sweetheart. Didn't even bark when I came in the house.

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