Monday, December 18, 2006

12/18 Broadway, here we come!

Linda made a fantastic brunch for us and we all ate too much. Plus we got to bring some extra food home with us. Yay.

The funny thing is that Linda lives in a small town called Broadway, NC which is about 8 miles from Rob and Beata's home. She has a nice condo there--really an attached home--like a duplex. A lovely place. There are five more being built and we drove by them. They are on Cats Street in Broadway, NC. How cool is that--Cats on Broadway!

Then while watching the Survivor Finale, Rob made a snack/dinner. We wanted just a snack but he made so many that it was dinner. He made awesome nachos with the addition of homemade guacamole. Then he presented us with strawberry shortcake. I don't think I'll be able to eat anything at all today.

Yeah, right.

I've got tons of stuff to do for the Red Cross. Here's hoping I get it done.

Rob is on leave and we're all working on a project together. He and Beata are goin on errands today, while I work at home.

Lots of fun things coming up...on the 22nd there's poker here, on the 23rd a lunch at Judy's (another of Tom's sisers), the 24th our own little Christmas Eve party with a traditional Polish feast (can't wait), and the 25th we're having Tom, Katherine, and Judy over for dinner. A few days after that I'll be heading to Quincy for New Years with the extended family. I'm really looking forward to all this.


Anonymous said...


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PS Yul sucks, go Ozzy!!!

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

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