Saturday, December 23, 2006

12/23 A fun night

After the excitement of yesterday afternoon, it was wonderful to host a party. We played poker with friends here at the house, and it was such fun. Again, the Dufresnes were the last ones standing. Rob, Beata, and I were going strong. But I made a fatal error--went all in when Rob had a higher kicker than I did. Tough move. It's cool though that we're keeping the money in the family. :) Our friends don't care for it much. Mike suggested we move the poker party from house to house. That's what we've been hoping would happen. It's work setting things up, although we love it. But it would be great to rotate homes every now and then. I'd love to set up a game weekly, or every two weeks.

We also did a little Secret Santa thing. Everyone brought a wrapped gift--a $5 to $10 value. The first person out got to choose first. That just added to the fun.

And the rule is that whoever knocks out the person who won last time, gets ten dollars from the pot. Pretty cool, because Rob beat me and got to keep the money.

I honestly hope someone else wins next time so they don't think we cheat. :)

Most of the people we play with are new, like we are. But Rob said it's well worth the time teaching people because we're building a cadre of players, and he's right. Last night it was the first game for Jason, Mickey, and Mike. Everyone did okay, but Mickey really caught on fast. She's a smart cookie anyway, but has a good card sense. And as an accountant, she counted the chips quickly when someone went all in. :) It's a good skill to have.

All in all, a great evening. Can't wait for the next time.

And today will be fun too. Going with Tom and Katherine to Judy's house for the dessert party. Which reminds me, I better get ready. We're leaving in a half hour.

Merry Christmas!


keet said...

Happy Holidays!!!!
Just checkin in and hoping all is well!!!
Best of the season and all year long and all that jazz!

Jeff said...

Merry Christmas, Jer!

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Hey, Keith and Jeff. Welcome and good to see you. Merry Christmas to you too.