Tuesday, July 12, 2005

7/12 Another day at work--Yay!

But it's a good one. I finished a lot this morning. Am now eating a great casserole with fresh zucchini and fresh tomatoes, both from my sister's garden. I added onions and mozzarella cheese. Tasty stuff!

I finished the newsletter and one journal. Then I began another Journal. This one will be more difficult, but still worth it, because it's going to be excellent. I received some great articles from authors, plus I have permission to reprint another article. So I'm feeling good.

At least feeling good about the editing part of my job. The PR/Media and sales stuff--wow, I'm so far behind. But having lots to do gives me job security at least.

Thursday we're having a photographer from the Milwaukee Business Journal come. We're being honored in the Beyond the Paycheck section of the Journal on August 12. I'm pretty psyched about it all, especially because I nominated us. It feels good.

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