Tuesday, July 05, 2005

7/5 Sleepless in Brown Deer

I stayed awake until 1 (on purpose, not insomnia) and got up at 6. So I'm yawning. But my car's in the shop getting readied, and I'm getting lots of work done.

Yesterday was so stormy and rainy and cloudy--really affected my mood until I watched The Fokkers. Then I laughed most of the day. Amazing how one silly movie can cheer me up.

I left files laying about the house, still have more pitching to do. But I doubt I'll be awake enough to do any work when I get home. I'm beat.

But there's one thing I'm wishing and hoping and praying for...I hope some of my relatives have some ripe tomatoes for me to devour (and to bring back to Milwaukee). Quincy is about 6 hours south, so I'm thinking this might be a timely visit. Fresh tomatoes--one of God's wondrous gifts.

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