Thursday, July 14, 2005

7/14 Full of doughnuts

We had a special occasion here at work--hence, the doughnuts. A colleague, who is in the Army Reserves, was called up and sent to Iraq last year. He's home on leave for two weeks, so he and his family came to our all-staff meeting this morning. Also, his commanding officer attended. Our owner presented Bob will a neat poster designed by our graphic artists and signed by all the staff. Then the colonel gave our company a nice award for our support of Bob. It was really touching.

This made me think a lot about war (macro) and individual soldiers (micro). I hate war (most people do). But I hate THIS war. Yet, I appreciate Bob and his family's sacrifice. I can't imagine being pulled out of my regular life to go to war for more than a year.

But saying, "I hate the war, but I support the soldiers" has become cliche'. I hate the war, and I don't want our people to get killed. I don't want Iraqi people to be killed. Yet, I do appreciate the sacrifice individuals make. Omigod, I could go on and on and on.

With my son in the Special Forces, it's even more difficult to sort out my feelings. I love Robbie passionately, and am also passionately proud of him.

I hate our country's cowboy attitude. I dislike President Bush and his policies. I love our soldiers.

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