Friday, July 15, 2005

7/15 In a rush

I'll leave work at 2 to catch a train to Quincy. But just because I leave the physical spot called "work," doesn't mean I'm leaving the massive pile of stuff called "work." I'm taking lots of stuff on the train, most notably the printer's proof of the RCY (journal) and a few legislative letters.

And (BIG NEWS) I'm also taking a hard copy of my manuscript to do some editing. It's been forever since I've worked on the final draft of the novel, but I'm doing it. Going through edits from my old writing critique group. Haven't touched this in many months, but I'm psyched about doing it.

That's what I love about trains.

That, and the fact that you can drink and ride.


anne frasier said...

that's great that you can take a train from milwaukee to quincy. i love trains and wish our rail system was better.

Jer said...

Yes, but the bad news is that there's only one train in and one train out of Quincy every day. It arrives in Q after 10 PM and leaves at 6 AM. I won't complain too much though because I'm grateful that we have a train at all. :)