Thursday, July 28, 2005

7/28 Writing and more of same

Right now I'm writing an article for a journal and I'm editing an entire journal and three newsletters (two of them online). And I need to draft several letters for others in the company. It's a lot of writing and editing.

Don't get me wrong. I love doing it. But is it any wonder that I'm not working on my manuscripts at night? After 9-10 hours of writing and stuff at work, it's difficult for me to generate excitement about sitting in front of my computer at home and doing the same thing.

Any ideas on how to jumpstart my mystery writing again? Help!


anne frasier said...

jer, i've always been in awe of the people who work fulltime and also manage to write. a book! i would not be able to do it, but then i get tired easily and am horrid at multi-tasking. i would have to take a year off work in order to get a book written. that's the only way i could do it. i've heard of people taking out loans in order to write.

Jer said...

I do know folks who do it. But that's pretty much their life--work and writing. And since I write so much at work, I need other stuff in my life. Maybe this just isn't the right time to do this. But Ms.#1 is so close to being sent out, I just need to do it. This weekend, besides forcing myself to go to the gym, I don't have other things on the burner. Perhaps this will be the weekend. Once I start I know I'll be interested and absorbed in it.

When I was in graduate school I worked full time, went to school full time, had two kids in grammar school and my husband left me in the middle of it. So I'm good at multi-tasking. :) (This was in 1983, so I've had plenty of time to see the humor in it.)

Carolyn Chambers Clark said...


Yes, I have messed up my Template and can't tell what is wrong. I've asked for Blogger Support, but while I wait for a stock answer, do you have any ideas how to get the picture and links back where they belong oh Goddess of HTML?

Thanks in advance,


Carolyn Chambers Clark

Jer said...

Carolyn, they probably won't help because you are using the same template I am and it's developed by someone outside Blogger. So they have no control over it.

Once I did the same thing and ended up starting over. But that was lots of work. Then next time I just printed out what I had and proofread it, just like a manuscript and figured it out.

I'm certainly not a master of html, but I did just make that word bold, didn't I? :)

I also notice that you have all your urls totally written out instead of making them links. It's a lot "prettier" when you can do that.

Without seeing your template, it's really hard for me to advise. Oh, maybe it's because one of the columns is too wide. That's what the problem was with me one time. Go to the ORIGINAL template (just don't save it again). Print it out, then compare it with yours. You'll find the problem that way. I suddenly remembered that's what I did. Email me if you need more. Jer

Carolyn Chambers Clark said...


Blog Help did get back to me after I emailed them twice. They said too long or too wide link---so you're right.

Okay, I got that fixed, but now your blog won't show up. Shouldn't it be your Yet, your address says something else when I go to your home page. Which is it?

Thanks mucho,

Almost there!


Jer said...

Nope, if you look at the directions when you set up your blog, you have the option of directing it to your own website if you have one. If someone doesn't have a website, they keep it on blogspot normally. So the url that shows on mine is correct. Jer