Saturday, July 09, 2005

7/9 It's Saturday already?

I just got in from the Friday night shindig. Guess we old folks do know how to party after all. Friday was fun--I slept late because I was up late last night. Jan, Jane and I had lunch at a Greek restaurant. The salad was superb.

Then I went with Jan to her house in Missouri since some cousins were coming over to see the place. Jane, Pete and Jordan came over too, as well as Kris, and we had a wonderful pasta dinner. I appreciated it more as the night wore on, because I didn't eat any food at the reunion.

We had a blast at the informal get-together. It was just plain fun. Lots of laughter, lots of silliness. Some really great connecting with old friends.

A bunch of us went to the Coach House for an early breakfast. All I wanted was toast, so felt pretty virtous. A friend from CA and I were flirting and silly all night so I told the server that he'd pay for my meal. Turns out he's staying at his brother's home which is on the same road as Jane's. Funny guy...I enjoyed spending time with him.

Tomorrow is mass (for those interested), dinner and fun. And I was asked to do my little comedy bit, so I said yes. But now I have to rehearse tomorrow instead of editing those journals. Ah well, it'll be fun I think. We'll see.

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