Sunday, July 03, 2005

7/3 At work again

Got in at 9:15 again. Guess that's what my internal clock says is the right time to begin working. Well, not really. It's only because I stayed up until 2:15 playing online poker and chatting with two of my brothers who were also playing.

Jay and Jim had me laughing so hard. So of course I didn't win anything. But I played in one $3 tournament and four $1 tournaments. So it's still cheaper than going to a movie. That's how I justify any of my frivolous spending. If it's cheaper than a movie, then I can do it.

We'll probably play again tonight. For $1 you get $1500 in poker money. So it's quite a bargain. :)

Last night Jill IMd me while I was playing. She said, "You've certainly gotten addicted to poker." Or something like that. I replied that the poker wasn't important...I was bonding with my brothers.

I have lots to do here at work, then will go swimming again. I don't want to "sun" but I do want to get a little color for my reunion next weekend. Can't wait for that.

I just reviewed the to-do list for this weekend. All that's left to do is ready more items for eBay, drink a beer on my deck, and SLEEP.


anne frasier said...

i thought online poker looked like fun.
i'm afraid i'd become addicted though, so i've never tried it.

Jer said...

I get addicted to everything that's fun. So I make sure the activities are either cheap or healthy or both. :) Playing online with my brothers really keeps me in stitches.