Monday, July 25, 2005

7/25 Back to work and happy about it

As usual, I'm so busy and feeling overwhelmed. But also, as usual, I love it. The job allows me to be creative and mostly self-directed. Writing and editing are tons of fun. So I can easily put up with some of the lesser-fun tasks.

I miss my family. The "boys" got together at the cabin over the weekend for a marathon Texas Hold-'em tournament. Wish I could have played.

Spoke to Jill and my grandkids Thursday, but not over the weekend. Don't know why.

Rob's emailed a few times. Bea has gone to Denmark for three weeks, so he's probably a little lonely. For whatever reason, it was wonderful to hear from him.

Yesterday I posted pictures of our family reunion from last weekend. Such fun! When Jill and kids come to Quincy in October, I so hope that Rob and Beata will be back in the states. It's so unusual for me to have both my kids with me at the same time. I'll be in mommy heaven.

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