Saturday, July 09, 2005

7/9 Class reunion is over for another five years

I loved my class reunion. What a great bunch of people. The most difficult part all night was getting the damn class picture taken. Took forever, it seemed, but it will be worth it. Then Steve (the photographer and a classmate) took pictures of each group of folks who went to grade school together. What a great time that was. My friend Bill had a picture taken by himself because he was the only kid who went to St. Joseph's grade school--way out in the country. The other kids who went there, went to high school in Liberty rather than Quincy. All except Bill. His wife, Donna, was my best friend in grade school. We lived in the same neighborhood. Our grade school always has the biggest crowd. St. Francis had huge classes. We graduated 100 boys and 100 girls--the same number that graduated from high school with us (approximately).

Another country school had five women and one guy. He sat on a chair and the gals just hung all over him. It was absolutely hilarious. I can still laugh out loud just picturing it.

And, as for my comedy routine, it went over so well--I actually believe it was the best yet. I'd added quite a bit of stuff, and subtracted quite a bit of stuff. What I added was from some fun conversations last night--that mostly revolved around the nuns who taught us in grade school. I liked almost all of them, but there were two that made my life hell. In fourth grade Sr. Nicholas made me scrub the classroom floor with a toothbrush because I kissed a boy. Actually I chased him around the classroom and kissed him.

Then in 8th grade, Sr. Miriam Francis kicked me off the cheerleading squad because of "talking in ranks." But the coup de grace was that she gave me an F in conduct also. That was because one time she was just nagging at me and wouldn't shut up. Drove me over the edge.

Well, I'd found out what her "real" name was. In those days, we weren't allowed to know. I won't say how I found out because my methods may have been illegal. But anyway, she wouldn't shut up so I lost it and said, "Keep your pants on, Betty." Omigod I thought she would stroke out she was so mad at me. I had straight A's and an F in conduct.

Makes great comedic fodder.

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