Tuesday, July 19, 2005

7/19 Stomach woes

I've been on meds for several months now, but last night had lots of pain. This morning too. I'm waiting for the new prescription to arrive for stronger meds. We'll see.

One sign of a compulsive overeater is someone who eats even when in pain. (Who, me?)

As a kid I was never fat, but was never thin either. When I had to have throat surgery in 7th grade, the night before I could barely swallow--my throat was so swollen. But I ate a breaded pork tenderloin, french fries and a chocolate shake. I knew there would be the dreaded Jell-o for a few days, so wanted to eat some "real food." It literally took me hours, but I finished every bite. Now that's a compulsive overeater, ladies and gentleman. I was so physically active that it didn't affect me much.

The following year I had my tonsils out, and don't recall an eating frenzy prior to that. Good girl, Jer.

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