Wednesday, July 13, 2005

7/13 I'm boring

I know I am. Right now there's nothing interesting happening. Well...unless you want to hear about the Sales Meeting today and all the legislative letters I've drafted today to get read for it. No? I didn't think so.

A good friend of mine could be singing the old song, "Torn Between Two Lovers." Yeah, you're all too young to remember it. And it's not memorable anyway. Except for the title. I really feel for my friend--you wait around for the right person and then two right people show up in your world at the same time. It's like God playing a joke.

"Gotcha, kiddo. You say you want a sweetheart? How about two?"

Then there are those of us who God isn't even teasing at the moment.

Back to work. I'm confident, productive, and smart here. In the other part of my life, not so much...


Carolyn Chambers Clark said...

Hi Jer,

Just read about your blog on SINC digest, so I've come to see it. We bloggers are inquisitive types, aren't we?

I'm from Wisconsin, too! Born in Superior, grew up in Ashland (on Lake Superior), and went to school at UW-Madison for my nursing degree, back in the Coal Age.

I'd love to read about your UK adventures. Are they posted or printed somewhere?

All Best,

Carolyn Chambers Clark

Jer said...

Hi, Carolyn. Thanks for stopping by. If you look on the right side of the page, near the bottom, you'll see a link to the UK/European blog. Thanks for asking.

I'm not from WI originally, but hav been here several years. West-Central IL is my stomping ground. Quincy IL is across the Mississippi River from Hannibal MO. But I do love WI. Jer

Bron said...

I was the star of the Jer Uk Blog ;)

Jer said...

You certainly were, Bron. And you're the star of this entry too. Or have I said too much....

Bron said...