Tuesday, December 05, 2006

12/05 National Headquarters

National Headquarters (NHQ) is so beautiful. And huge. It's near the Mall, and no I don't mean the kind you shop at. So that makes it near the White House and the State Department. And Starbucks. :)

The Quincy Hotel is about three blocks from Faragut Park where we can catch a free shuttle to NHQ. Or we can walk 10-12 blocks. Yesterday I took the shuttle to and from work.

Today I walked both directions and it was super. Very cold, of course, but sunny (this morning) and lovely. I walked through parts of George Washington University. Ended up walking with Maria from Puerto Rico. Delightful and interesting woman.

Last night I went to dinner at Luigi's with three mental health Managers (a step above my supervisor role). Judy, Jim, and Bob have many years experience with ARC and are so helpful in passing information to me. Susan Hamilton is a national staffer who is our "group leader" aka my boss. She said I should find a mentor because I have a steep learning curve. Judy agreed to mentor me and I'm so glad. She's energetic and fun, as well as being very experienced with a good reputation. Susan said I chose wisely.

This morning Susan said she thought I'd do a good job and would soon get a promotion to manager. She's going to bring me to work for a week or so to the DOC (disaster operation center). I'm eager to do that. The DOC is where I sat as I wrote this. The place is hard to describe, but it's a warren of cubicles, many of them quiet at the moment since there's not a major disaster going on. Throughout the area are TVs turned to various cable news channels and the Weather Channel. At one end is a large room that is two stories high to accommodate huge video screens. There's a very large oval table configuration. On it are computer screens and microphones. This is the DOC's heart during disaster operations.

Am I surprised at the level of sophistication? You bet. I know I shouldn't be because the Red Cross is the largest provider of disaster services in the world. I'm proud to be working here. And a little awed.

Tonight I went to dinner with Judy, Jim, and Peggy. We ate at a great Indian restaurant. I ate so much that I was grateful I've been walking a lot. Just got home a little while ago, and am incredibly tired. It was a really long day. More tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I posted a note on HW with my email addresses. I'll try to call the hotel, too, and leave you contact info. It's ridiculous that in this day and age, as connected as you and I are, we can't figure out how to email one another! :-)

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Thanks, Nancie. Amazing that I had your correct email on my old computer but it didn't transfer to the laptop. You should have my email by now.

David said...

Aha, glad you two have hooked up.

Beata said...

It's sounds so interesting and exciting, Mom. Keep posting about this place as much as you can. And don't forget to have fun as well!

Anonymous said...


It sounds like you are having a fascinating time. We sure do love hearing about the latest adventures.

Love ya,

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

I'll write the new post soon. This is a fascinating place.