Saturday, November 12, 2005

11/12 I'm off!

I'm checking in before I finish getting ready. The shuttle is picking me up at 8:35 and it's 7:10 now. It seems like I have lots of time, but my house is a wreck as I threw things out of closets while trying to decide what to take with me. As it is, my duffel is way too full. It's huge anyway, but it contains my sleeping bag and mat and everything else I think I'll need for two weeks.

Because I don't know how often I'll be able to do laundry, I brought lots of clothes, but maybe I won't need so much. Indecision. I have to be able to carry my duffel from one shelter to another and I can do that. But my daypack is chock full too. Yikes. Wish I could pare down a bit more. Maybe I will. I'm so excited! And thanks again to Suzanne for helping with my blog. If I get to an internet cafe I can do it myself. Otherwise, she's going to post from an email I'll send via my phone. Hooray for wireless mobile phones!

I'm off!


Anonymous said...

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anne frasier said...

jeez. whatever you do, don't tell anonymous where you're going. :D