Tuesday, November 08, 2005

11/8 Hurry hurry hurry hurry and wait

Absolutely TONS of work to accomplish this week. Am editing a journal (90 pages) and re-writing an article for someone who isn't available to do it. Plus the other bits that have to get done before I leave. If I leave.

ARC told me today that I still probably will go, but... they are cutting down on the number of people there because of course the need isn't as big as it was. Because I'm going as a mental health specialist there's still a good chance I'll be deployed.

This doesn't sound at all like what I heard Thursday, so now my anxiety is up. Yeah, me the "what, me worry?" kid. It's difficult not knowing if I'll be gone for two weeks or not. But I really want to go.

If I'd known this, I would have definitely gone with HHS.

The ARC officer told me that if I don't hear from her by Friday that means I'm not needed this time. Aaarrrggghhhh!

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