Monday, November 28, 2005

11/23 Alone at last

Up at 5. My roommate, Marcia, left on a 5:30 shuttle for the airport. I now have a room to myself. Yippee! I went from sharing a room with 200 people to sharing with one to just me.

Had my usual Cuban breakfast with Marian and Bill. Then to our 8 AM meeting. Lots of changes, because the operation is winding down. I guess HQ is closing and our Center is becoming the hub of operations in Florida. Some folks are being sent to Broward County because they haven't finished their canvassing yet. Others are being kept in our center--Miami-Dade County. I worked out of our Center today because the Red Cross shelters were closing and we expected a few hundred clients to come in who were being displaced and needed paperwork done.

The large influx didn't take place but I was abale to work with several people and it felt good. Tracy and I were released from work early because we had to shop at Publix on the way home. It's closed tomorrow on Thanksgiving and we need to buy lots of food for the potluck we're hosting at our pool in the afternoon.

Marian and Bill are going to visit her brother for the holiday and are leaving tonight. Before they left though, Bill stopped by and gave me a Thanksgiving present. It's a red Nike ball cap. I love it. There's one at home sitting on my bed that I meant to pack. The sun is brutal when we're out all day, and I'd complained about it. They thoughtfully gave me one. And I really needed it. Such sweeties!

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