Sunday, November 13, 2005

11/12 Jer in FL

Met Kathy and John at the airport. They are on a different carrier. Said they would wait for me so we could ride to HQ together. Nice folks, I really like them. Although they're near my age, they're retired already. I'm jealous.

I'm really looking forward to this opportunity, and only hope I'm up to the challenge. I think this journal and blog will help me relieve stress.

Wish I could have found a wireless keyboard so I could type into my phone instead of using this keypad. It will be hard to write this much without a keyboard. Maybe I'll be lucky like Ken and be stationed across the street from am internet cafe. :-)

Wish I could have talked to my kids before I left home though. More later. Jer

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Anonymous said...

Hope you can find a keyboard, Jer. I want to follow your adventures.